My FA 2014 Bucket List

Here is my official bucket list for this program, Fall Advantage 2014!  These will be crossed off as I complete them with a link to the post that mentions or proves that it has been completed if possible. 
  1. Meet a rare Disney character at least once and take a photo with him or her.  Autograph is optional as some characters can't sign their names.
  2. Eat in every pavilion in Epcot, not including The American Adventure.
  3. Buy something from every pavilion in Epcot, not including The American Adventure.
  4. Try to "Drink Around the World".
  5. Go to the beach.  This beach must be somewhere other than Cocoa Beach (I love Cocoa Beach but I want to see what other beaches and beach towns look like!)
  6. Volunteer for Give Kids the World.
  7. Visit the Asian Market at least once.
  8. Visit every resort that the CP bus goes to, and either eat something or buy something unique to each resort.
  9. Visit Blizzard Beach.  (I went to a CP pool party last spring at Typhoon Lagoon so I have technically been there!)
  10. Go back to DisneyQuest.
  11. See a show at the House of Blues.  This does not include cast member nights on Sunday.
  12. Go to Jellyrolls at the Boardwalk Resort.
  13. Go bowling at Splitsville again.  Food must be bought while there.
  14. Walk out on the balconies on the upper floors of the Contemporary Resort.  This can be at any time of day or night.
  15. Ride the Magic Kingdom monorail and the Epcot monorail around for entire circuit without getting off.
  16. Ride the new Mine Train coaster at Magic Kingdom when it opens (assuming that it will open between now and January)
  17. Visit the new expansion to the Wizarding World at Universal when it opens.
  18. Tackle the Kitchen Sink once again.
  19. Ride a surrey bike with either my roommates or my friends.
  20. Take a selfie with a character.  Any character will count as long as they fit in the frame with me.
  21. Attend Dapper Day if possible.
  22. Visit Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  Costume required.
  23. Meet an ICP or CRP from another country (preferably from another continent) while they're not at work.
  24. Go on a backstage tour.  Since I've already been on Behind the Seeds before, that tour will not count towards this.
  25. Become the Rebel Spy on Star Tours once again (I was chosen once, which was awesome!)
  26. Walk to Publix for groceries at least once (assuming that I end up living in either Patterson or Chatham, otherwise this entry doesn't count).
  27. Visit two of the non-Disney restaurants near housing - Sweet Tomatoes is at the top of my list!
  28. Go to a mall at least three times.  Something substantial like a dress, jacket, pair of shorts, swimsuit, etc. must be bought each time.  The three visits don't have to all be at the same place.
  29. Hit all four parks in one day.  In each park, at least three rides (no shows allowed) must be gone on.  Something must also be bought in each park - either some merchandise or food - that is unique to each one.
  30. Take every transportation method offered to leave Magic Kingdom - the resort boats, the buses, the monorail and the ferry.  These don't all need to be done the same day.
  31. Take a photo of me and anyone else I am with at the time while visiting every resort.  If the resort has a main building the photo must be taken in there.
  32. See at least five live entertainment shows (meaning the street performers) at Epcot.
  33. See the dancers and DJ in Asia (Animal Kingdom).
  34. Use the Photopass-enabled photo booth in the Space Mountain arcade at least three times.  (Remember that you must pay for the photos in order to get them on your card.)
  35. Eat at California Grill and every other restaurant on my list of places I want to visit from an earlier post.
  36. See La Nouba again, or at least purchase something from the gift shop.
  37. Eat every sandwich on Earl of Sandwich's menu, except for sandwiches containing ingredients I can't eat.
  38. See the Voices of Liberty and record their entire performance.
  39. Give advice to a family of strangers while waiting in line for something.  This may also go along with line babysitting (if you don't know what that is, read my "CP etiquette" post).
  40. Send a present home for my mother, father and sister on their respective birthdays.  These do not have to be Disney-related nor do they have to be bought on Disney property.
  41. See the Candlelight Processional.  Alternatively, get into the cast member choir and perform in the Candlelight Processional!
  42. Get a video of a face character speaking to one of my friends back home.  This can be for a birthday, other life event, just to say hi, etc.
  43. Manage to see or meet a celebrity while on the program.  This can be done while working or not working, but I must not be actively seeking them out because that's like stalking and its creepy.
  44. Have at least two family dinners with my roommates.  They can either be at restaurants or at home, but all roommates must be present for this to count.
  45. Visit a park or parks one day with a strict $20 budget.  This budget is for any expense like food, souvenirs, etc.  This does not include gas charges.
  46. Buy a replacement PS3 for my dead unit.  This unit must be bought new.
  47. Buy a birthday gift for each of my roommates who has a birthday during the program.
  48. If someone I know well comes to visit while I'm on my program, I must see them at least once.  If possible, I must take an entire day off.
  49. I must take a photo with the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom at night.  Since it closes early, the only times this is possible is during the winter months when the sun goes down early.
  50. I must drink every soda at Club Cool whenever I visit Epcot.  No exceptions.  This includes Beverly.