Here, I'll answer a few questions about this blog and how it works that I've been asked or might be asked.  (Questions about me personally will be addressed on my "About Me" page).

Can you do a blog post over [insert topic here]?

I try to accommodate any requests I get from others, so if I haven't addressed it before than I'll do my best to add it to my blog!  Just contact me through Twitter or this blog.  (Twitter is preferred.)

Some of your information is wrong!  Will you fix it?

It depends on what the information is.  I make no guarantees that everything presented in this blog will always be accurate - housing rent prices and rules, for example, are bound to change on a regular basis.  My information is correct as of January 2014 at the least.

Can we be friends?

I always welcome conversations through my blog, Twitter, Youtube or Tumblr!  However, I am not currently accepting friend requests on Facebook or anything of the sort for privacy reasons.

What are some topics that you will not discuss?

Here are some things that I will never address in my blog, no matter who asks me:
  • Information that breaks character integrity
  • How to bend or break rules as a cast member
  • Detailed discussion about backstage areas for the parks, water parks or any other Disney area
  • Disney vs. Universal (I like both in different ways, though obviously I have chosen to work for Disney)
  • CPs who have gotten termed
  • Detailed posts over a certain role that I personally have not had (because obviously I can't know everything about a job I've never had!)
  • Loopholes in any of Disney's rules, regulations or guidelines
  • Rumors (unless I find discussing them useful to the blog in general)
  • Underage drinking, drug use or any other illegal behavior
  • The party buses (I've never gone on one and never intend to, so there's not much I can say about them except for things I've heard from others, which can be wildly inaccurate)
 There are also a few topics that I may discuss when my program is over.  However, remember that whenever you request me to talk about something I am not obligated to respond to it or write about it.  Sometimes I don't want to talk about it and sometimes I can't discuss it.  Please respect that.

I have a DCP blog too!  Can you add it to your page?

Yes, if you send me a link to it.  The blog must be for this program (Fall or Fall Advantage 2014) and must not break any rules on privacy, character integrity or anything that may put you in danger of losing your job.  Also, I prefer links to more traditional blogs over Tumblr though I will accept a Tumblr if it is particularly well-organized and on-topic.

I have a DCP-related website (not a blog)!  Can you add it to your page?

I will add things such as Facebook groups, roommate finders, forums and anything else of that nature.  All sites must be relevant for this program (Fall or Fall Advantage 2014) and must be well-maintained.  I will not add any advertisements or sites that I find inappropriate.

Can we vlog together?

I'm always open to collaborating with other DCP vloggers (and just Disney vloggers in general if you happen to be around).  My only requirements are 1) you must already have an established blog or vlog for me to direct people to, 2) I must know you're an actual person first (so I might want to meet you in person before we record anything together) and 3) our collaboration is just for fun - no money or super-official deals or anything like that involved.  If you're interested and fit all of this, contact me and we can work out details!

Where is your vlog?

You can find it under the Youtube link above!  In addition, videos will be embedded into relevant blog posts on this page as they come along :)

Can I use the information on this blog on a different website?

If you directly link to my blog, yes.  And I'd prefer to be notified about it.  Please keep in mind that my blog posts, however short they may seem, sometimes take up to a few hours to write and a lot of work goes into putting the information together for them so please don't copy and paste information from here without saying where you got it.

One of your links doesn't work.

Notify me and I'll fix it!

Will you ever do live chats or anything of that sort?

If I get enough people wanting to ask me questions and get feedback live I might look into it.  Otherwise I'll just stick to blogging/vlogging for now :)