And here we go...

Hello everyone, and welcome to my Disney College Program blog for Fall Advantage 2014!  I am excited to begin this journey with my fellow participants and experience as many exciting things as possible while there.  Until my program starts on June 9th my blogs will be pretty infrequent, but I'll be sure to update regularly once in Florida.

Some quick facts you might want to know about me (you can also check my 'About Me' page):

  1. I am an alum of the DCP (Spring Advantage 2013)
  2. My previous role was Photopass.  My role on this program is Attractions.
  3. I stayed in Patterson last time and loved it!
  4. I was based in Animal Kingdom on my last program and never picked  up shifts in any other parks.  I would've missed my jungle home too much!
  5. I will be 22 on this program and staying in non-wellness with five other girls that will most likely be making an appearance here at some point :)
  6. I will be vlogging on this program (I have a few videos from my last program's attempt at a vlog but might be taking them down when I start my new series) but most likely not until summer starts.
I'll be posting a few other things about things I learned on my last program and advice I'd like to give to first-time CPs entering this program.  If there's anything in particular you'd like answered in the meantime, ask away!  Until then, enjoy this lovely photo:

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